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                      On September 15, the working meeting of Fortune Auto Finance Company (hereinafter referred to as “FAF”) and key partners was successfully held in Hefei, Anhui. More than 100 representatives of key partners from all over the country and FAF gathered together to talk about cooperation and seek common development.

                      At the meeting, FAF gave a special report to the participating partners on performance review and marketing strategy, regulatory situation and response strategy, product strategy and planning, channel construction, and brand building. Representatives of outstanding partners shared their valuable experience on FAF financial business. In the free communication session, FAF answered the questions raised by the participating partners in detail, and the in-depth exchanges on some topics even lasted until late at night.

                      At the same time, 26 partners, including Wuxi Anxin, who achieved outstanding performance, were awarded awards and commendations to congratulate them for their outstanding achievements in cooperation, growth, quality, compliance, strategic cooperation, and business contribution.

                       At the end of the meeting, Ms. Zhang Gan, general manager of FAF, gave a keynote speech on deep cultivation and win-win, and said that the company will continue to promote product diversification, high-quality services, adhere to high-quality development, and always be a partner in market competition. With the strong backing of our partners, we will work together with our partners for stability and long-term development.